Rabbi Meir Ossey

Associate Director

Pearl Stroh

Founding Director since 1987

Chana Kugel

Administrative Assistant

Chayale Kugel


Teaching Staff

Our teachers are an unusually dedicated group of professionals whose level of commitment to each child under their tutelage does not stop at the classroom door. Each of our teachers is a highly experienced and professional educator, whose commitment to early childhood education is truly an avocation.

Toddlers (18 – 24 months)

Chana Weingarten

Lead Teacher

Shayna Goldberg

Assistant Teacher

Pre-Nursery (2s)

Leba Steinmetz

Lead Teacher

Faigy Goldin

Assistant Teacher

Daniela Sulimanov

Assistant Teacher

Nursery (3s)

Esther Sitorsky

Lead Teacher

Leah Schusterman

Assistant Teacher

Yehudis Malek

Assistant Teacher

Pre-K (4s)

Chaya Lezer

Lead Teacher

Devorah Wainhaus

Assistant Teacher

Yehudis Tenenbaum

Assistant Teacher